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5 Easy Ways to Make an Extra $100 a Day From Home

Whether you are looking to replace your income from your full-time job, create a side-hustle that brings in disposable income, or use passive and sustainable income streams as an investment opportunity, making money online and offline has never been easier. This is primarily because there are vast amounts of information at our fingertips, thanks to the internet, and countless opportunities that come with this knowledge.

Want to start a blog? Read through the thousands of tutorials. Want to sell an e-course online? Grab your microphone, recording software, and a video editor. Happen to be good at graphic design and want to sell your services? Yes, there’s an existing platform for that. With this said though, earning money online & offline requires discipline, motivation, and a realistic perspective, especially if you are looking to make a hundred dollars or more per day through your efforts.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you cannot get the time back that you spend on your efforts, so whichever option you choose to take, make sure you understand the value it can bring you and the skills and time needed to make it work. With this said, here are twenty ways you can make at least a hundred dollars daily.

Ways to Make an Extra $100 a Day

1) Consider Writing Sponsored Posts for Companies.

One way to get your feet wet with writing is to try your hand at sponsored posts. This just simply involves having a company pay you to talk about their services, their products, or their business on your website or blog. You may see these on LinkedIn posts, on authoritative blogs, or even through video reviews of products on Youtube. The trick with sponsored posts is to always select a company that you feel good talking about, otherwise, failure to do so may cost you some readership from your viewers. Keep in mind too that you will also earn money from sponsored posts that bring in large droves of traffic, so make sure to use appropriate backlinking.

2) Are You An Expert in a Particular Field?

Coach Others. When we say expert, we don’t necessarily mean that you have to have ten plus years of experience in a particular field, as you can be an expert at pretty much anything. Are you really good at one particular and popular video game? Are you really good at driving? Are you really good at writing speeches, mathematics, or a particular instrument? Think about questions like these and come up with a list of skills or areas that you are proficient in. Use these areas to set up a coaching business for it.

3) Create Online Courses for Udemy or Skillshare.

While this does require you to an expert in some domain, market, or area of knowledge, it can pay heavily and be worth the effort. If you take a look at Udemy, CourseRA, Udacity, or Skillshare, you will see that a lot of courses run anywhere between $15-$200. The great thing about creating an online course and selling it is that you only need to put the effort in once to create the course and then you can enjoy passive income on a daily basis. Is it possible to make a $100.00 a day from this? Absolutely, if you create a course that sells extremely well.

4) Is Your Crafty? Sell a Physical Product, Online.

No, you don’t necessarily have to be crafty with your hands, as you can sell things like t-shirts and mugs, but selling items like hand-crafted bags, jewelry and artwork tend to sell big on websites like Etsy. The fantastic thing about Etsy is that it is another eCommerce website that allows you to set up a storefront for free (except listings), and either craft your products by hand or use affiliate marketing to drop ship items to customers. For those interested, Etsy has clothing, jewelry, toys, home and living, vintage, craft supplies, and collectibles.

5) Join Focus Groups and Do Market Research Studies.

If you are interested in helping brands and companies out with their latest products and actually have an opinion on how to improve their products, try focus groups and market research studies. The only caveat with these types of paid studies is that if you do in-person studies, you will need to travel to a specified location. However, some companies that offer focus groups and market research studies also conduct online surveys through live chats and video. Typically, you can earn anywhere between $15-30 an hour with panels lasting anywhere between thirty minutes and two+ hours.